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   FlashCard of the Chinese Character 明
Strokes 4
Strokes 8
Decomp. 日月
Mandarin míng
Cantonese ming4; ming2
Entry Methods
Pinyin ming2
Kanji /
Sijiao 6702.0
Wubi JEG
CNS 11643 1-4D7C
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+660E
GB2312 C3F7
Chinese characters stroke order animation
 míng bright / opposite: dark 暗 / [an4] / (of meaning) clear / to understand / next / public or open / wise / generic term for a sacrifice to the gods
Results beginning with 明
 míng xiǎn clear / distinct / obvious
 míng bai clear / obvious / unequivocal / to understand / to realize
 míng què clear-cut / definite / explicit / to clarify / to specify / to make definite
 míng tiān tomorrow
 míng xīng star / celebrity
 míng nián next year
 míng míng obviously / plainly / undoubtedly / definitely
 míng liàng bright / shining / glittering / to become clear
 míng rì tomorrow
 míng yuè bright moon / refers to 夜 / / / , a legendary pearl that can glow in the dark / CL:輪 / |轮 / [lun2]
 míng liǎo to understand clearly / to be clear about / plain / clear
 míng zhū pearl / jewel (of great value)  
 míng zhī to be fully aware of / to know perfectly well
 míng zhì sensible / wise / judicious / sagacious
 Míng dài the Ming dynasty (1368-1644)  
 míng mèi bright and beautiful
 míng lǎng bright / clear / obvious / forthright / open-minded / bright and cheerful
 míng zhāo tomorrow morning / the following morning
 Míng Qīng the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties  
 míng xì clear and detailed / definite / details (are as follows:)
 míng wén to state in writing (laws, rules etc)
 míng xī clarity / lucid
 míng shì to state explicitly / to clearly indicate  
 míng jìng mirror (as a metaphor for sth beautiful, bright and flat -- such as a lake -- or sth that provides clarity and insight)  
 míng lǐ sensible / reasonable / an obvious reason, truth or fact / to understand the reason or reasoning
 míng zǎo tomorrow morning / tomorrow  
 Míng mò late Ming / first half of the 17th century  
 Míng jiào Manicheism / same as 摩 / /  
 Míng zhì Meiji (Japanese reign name 1868-1912)  
 Míng dé highest virtue / illustrious virtue / Middlebury (College)  
 míng r (coll.) tomorrow / one of these days / some day
 míng jìng bright and clean / luminous
 Míng Bào Ming Pao newspaper (Hong Kong)  
 míng huǒ flame / open fire  
 míng yán to say clearly / to argue clearly / to pronounce / pronounced  
 míng zhèng clear proof
 míng lì bright and beautiful / (of a landscape) gorgeous / (of a color) vibrant
 míng dá reasonable / of good judgement
 Míng shǐ History of the Ming Dynasty, twenty fourth of the 24 dynastic histories 二 / / / / [Er4 shi2 si4 Shi3], compiled under Zhang Tingyu 張 / / / |张 / / / [Zhang1 Ting2 yu4] in 1739 during the Qing Dynasty, 3  
 míng miè to flicker / to flash on and off / to brighten and fade  
 míng jiāo gelatin  
 míng chù clear place / out in the open  
 míng huì intelligent / brilliant
 míng chè clear / limpid
 míng zi see 松 / / [song1 ming2]
 míng chá to note clearly / to perceive  
 míng biàn to discern / to distinguish clearly  
 míng fán alum
 Míng rén Akihito, Emperor of Japan (reigned from 1989 under the reign name Heisei 平 / / )  
 míng xiā prawn
 Míng chū the early Ming (i.e. from second half of 14th century)  
 míng dìng to stipulate / to state expressly / to explicitly provide for  
 Míng guāng Mingguang county level city in Chuzhou 滁 / / [Chu2 zhou1], Anhui  
 Míng hé Minghe, rail station in South Taiwan / Meiwa (Japanese reign name 1764-1772) / Meiwa (common name for Japanese companies or schools)  
 míng jiǎo clear and bright  
 míng liáo manifest  
 Míng shān Mingshan district of Benxi city 本 / / / , Liaoning  
 míng shǒu dummy (in bridge)  
 Míng shuǐ Mingshui county in Suihua 綏 / / |绥 / / , Heilongjiang  
 míng suì glistening and piercing  
 míng tǐ Mincho / Song font  
 Míng xī Mingxi county in Sanming 三 / / [San1 ming2], Fujian  
 míng yīng Meio  
 míng yù simile  
 míng zhàng white cane (used by the blind)  
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 míng xìn piàn postcard  
 míng bǎi zhe evident / clear / undoubted
 míng xì biǎo schedule / subsidiary ledger / a detailed list  
 míng yǎn rén perspicacious person / sb with a discerning eye / sighted person (as opposed to blind)
 Míng Tài zǔ Ming Taizu, Temple name of first Ming emperor Hongwu 洪 / / [Hong2 wu3]  
 Míng sī kè Minsk, capital of Belarus  
 Míng xiào líng Ming tombs in Nanjing, tomb of founding Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱 / / / [Zhu1 Yuan2 zhang1], a World Heritage site  
 Míng cháo tǐ Mincho font  
 Míng Chéng zǔ Ming Chengzu, Temple name of third Ming Emperor Yongle 永 / / |永 / / [Yong3 le4]  
 Míng dé zhèn Middlebury (name of town in Vermont)  
 míng guāng dù luminosity  
 míng guāng lán lavender blue  
 Míng guāng shì Mingguang county level city in Chuzhou 滁 / / [Chu2 zhou1], Anhui  
 Míng gǔ lǔ Bengkulu (Indonesian town on the south coast of Sumatra)  
 Míng Rén zōng Ming Renzong, Temple name of fourth Ming emperor Zhu Gaochi 朱 / / / |朱 / / / [Zhu1 Gao1 chi4]  
 míng r ge (coll.) tomorrow  
 Míng shān qū Mingshan district of Benxi city 本 / / / , Liaoning  
 míng shí lù annals of the Ming Dynasty 明 / / [Ming2 chao2] (1368-1644)  
 Míng shuǐ xiàn Mingshui county in Suihua 綏 / / |绥 / / , Heilongjiang  
 míng tiān jiàn see you tomorrow  
 Míng Tiān qǐ Tianqi Emperor, reign name of fifteenth Ming emperor Zhu Youxiao 朱 / / / [Zhu1 You2 xiao4] (1605-1627), reigned 1620-1627, Temple name 明 / / / [Ming2 Xi1 zong1]  
 Míng Wǔ zōng Ming Wuzong, temple name of eleventh Ming emperor Zhengde 正 / / [Zheng4 de2]  
 Míng xī xiàn Mingxi county in Sanming 三 / / [San1 ming2], Fujian  
 Míng Xī zōng Ming Xizong, Temple name of fifteenth Ming emperor Tianqi 明 / / / |明 / / / [Ming2 Tian1 qi3]  
 Míng Xuān zōng Temple name of fifth Ming emperor Xuande 宣 / / [Xuan1 de2]  
 míng mù zhāng dǎn openly and without fear / brazenly
 míng zhēng àn dòu struggling in the light and fighting in the dark (idiom) / fig. intriguing against each other / locked in constant strife
 míng zhī gù wèn to ask a question, already knowing the answer
 míng zhì zhī jǔ sensible act  
 Míng ní sū dá Minnesota, USA  
 míng zhé bǎo shēn a wise man looks after his own hide (idiom) / to put one's own safety before matters of principle
 Míng zhì Wéi xīn the Japanese Meiji Restoration of 1868  
 míng chá qiū háo lit. seeing clearly the downy feather of autumn (idiom, from Mencius) / fig. sensitive to the finest detail / to distinguish right and wrong with acuity / omniscient
 míng biàn shì fēi to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)  
访 míng chá àn fǎng open enquiries and secret search (idiom) / to investigate openly and in secret / taking information from all sides
 míng zhī gù fàn deliberate violation (idiom) / intentional crime
 Míng shí sān líng the Ming tombs (mausoleum park of the Ming emperors in Changping district of Beijing)  
 míng jìng gāo xuán perspicacious and impartial in judgment (idiom)
 míng chuāng jìng jī lit. clear window and clean table (idiom) / fig. bright and clean
 míng méi zhèng qǔ to be officially wed
齿 míng móu hào chǐ to have bright eyes and white teeth
 míng yuè qīng fēng bright moon and clear wind (idiom) / fig. clear and lovely atmosphere / everything in the garden is roses  
 míng zhū àn tóu to cast pearls before swine (idiom) / not to get proper recognition for one's talents  
  appreciable harm  
线 míng àn jiè xiàn terminator  
访 míng chá àn fǎng open enquiries and secret search (idiom) / to investigate openly and in secret / taking information from all sides
 míng dá shì lǐ reasonable / sensible  
 míng dòng shèng táng Myeongdong  
 míng duō lù ān Mindolluin  
 míng gǎng àn shào both covert and undercover (officers) keeping watch (idiom)  
 Míng gǔ lǔ shì Bengkulu (Indonesian town on the south coast of Sumatra)  
 míng mǎ diàn bào clear message  
 Míng mò Qīng chū late Ming and early Qing / around the middle of the 17th century  
 míng rì huáng huā lit. chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival (idiom) / fig. outdated / thing of the past / dead letter
 míng wén guī dìng expressly stipulated (in writing)  
 Míng ní sū dá zhōu Minnesota  
  informed decision  
  Minsk process  
 míng sī kè xiǎo zǔ Minsk Group  
 Míng ní ā bō lì sī Minneapolis, a nameplace in the USA, notably in Minnesota  
 míng rén bù zuò àn shì The honest person does nothing underhand (idiom). / fig. Do what you want to do openly and without dissimulation.  
  positive consent standards  
· míng ní middot;mǐ nà wéi pài Minawi faction / Minni Minawi faction  
线 míng xiǎn de jù fǎ xiàn suǒ explicit syntactic cue  
 míng xī háo sēn zōng hé zhēng Munchausen Syndrome  
  knowingly and wilfully interfere with the administration of justice  
  Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights  
 míng qiāng hǎo duǒ , àn jiàn nán fáng lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom) / it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies  
 míng qiāng yì duǒ , àn jiàn nán fáng lit. easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark (idiom) / it is hard to guard against secret conspiracies  
 míng xiū zhàn dào , àn dù Chén cāng lit. repair the plank road by day while secretly crossing the Wei River 渭 / / [Wei4 He2] at Chencang (idiom, refers to a stratagem used by Liu Bang 劉 / / |刘 / / [Liu2 Bang1] in 206 BC against Xiang Yu 項 / / |项  
  Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory  
  clear, credible and achievable mandate  
  Committee of e-Leaders of Tomorrow for ICT and Youth / UN Committee of e-Leaders for ICT and Youth  
Approximate Results for 明
 shuō míng to explain / to illustrate / to indicate / to show / to prove / explanation / directions / caption / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 shēng míng to state / to declare / statement / declaration / CL:項 / |项 / [xiang4],份 / [fen4]
 zhèng míng proof / certificate / identification / testimonial / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / to prove / to testify / to confirm the truth of
 wén míng civilized / civilization / culture / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 biǎo míng to make clear / to make known / to state clearly / to indicate / known
 zhù míng to clearly indicate  
 cōng ming acute (of sight and hearing) / clever / intelligent / bright / smart
 tòu míng transparent / open (non-secretive)
 Kūn míng Kunming prefecture level city and capital of Yunnan province in southwest China  
 guāng míng light / illumination / radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc) / fig. bright prospects / openhearted
 bù míng not clear / unknown / to fail to understand
 fā míng to invent / invention / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 zhào míng lighting / illumination
 fēn míng clear / distinct / evidently / clearly
 lí míng dawn / daybreak
 xiān míng bright / clear-cut / distinct
 gāo míng brilliant / superior / tall and bright
 shēn míng to declare / to aver / to state formally
 jīng míng astute / shrewd
 biāo míng to mark / to indicate
 qīng míng clear and bright / sober and calm / (of a government or administration) well ordered
 chá míng to investigate and find out / to ascertain
 zhǐ míng to show clearly / to designate / to indicate  
 jiǎn míng simple and clear / concise
 yīng míng wise / brilliant
 tiān míng dawn / daybreak
 shī míng to lose one's eyesight / to become blind / blindness
 tōng míng brightly lit
 chǎn míng to elucidate / to explain clearly / to expound
 bǎi míng to show clearly  
 shén míng deities / gods
 Kǒng míng name of Zhuge Liang 諸 / / / |诸 / /  
 liú míng lumen (unit of light flux)  
 kāi míng enlightened / open-minded / enlightenment
 Qǐ míng classical Chinese name for planet Venus in the east before dawn
 zǎi míng to state explicitly in writing / to specify / to stipulate  
 tàn míng to ascertain / to verify
 A1 míng Al-Amin  
 yán míng strict and impartial / firm
 wú míng avidyā / (Buddhism) / ignorance / delusion  
 jiǎng míng to explain  
 Wáng Míng Wang Ming (1904-1974), Soviet trained Chinese communist, Comintern and Soviet stooge and left adventurist in the 1930s, fell out with Mao and moved to Soviet Union from 1956  
 Jīn míng Jinming district of Kaifeng city 開 / / / |开 / / / [Kai1 feng1 shi4], Henan  
 yán míng to state clearly  
 shèng míng enlightened sage / brilliant master (flattering words applied to ruler)  
 yàn míng to check and make clear / to ascertain / to verify sb's identity  
 xiǎn míng to reveal, make known
 yōu míng the hidden and the visible / that which can be seen and that which cannot / darkness and light / night and day / wisdom and ignorance / evil and good / the living and the dead / men and ghosts  
 xián míng wise and capable / sagacious
 chāng míng flourishing / thriving
 biàn míng to clarify / to distinguish / to elucidate
 pàn míng to distinguish / to ascertain
 rèn míng to identify / to authenticate  
 biàn míng to explain clearly / to elucidate
 bó míng dim light / early dawn  
 Chóng míng Chongming island county, Shanghai  
 diǎn míng to point out  
 dìng míng to stipulate / to state expressly / to explicitly provide for  
 Dōng míng Dongming county in Heze 菏 / / |菏 / / [He2 ze2], Shandong  
 jiān míng to consolidate and clarify  
 jīng míng bright / shiny  
 jué míng (botany) cassia  
 liè míng to list / to specify  
 Nán míng Nanming district of Guiyang city 貴 / / / |贵 / / / [Gui4 yang2 shi4], Guizhou  
 Níng míng Ningming county in Chongzuo 崇 / / [Chong2 zuo3], Guangxi  
 qiū míng Tyumen  
 Sān míng Sanming prefecture level city in Fujian  
 Sī míng Siming district of Xiamen city 廈 / / / |厦 / / / [Xia4 men2 shi4] (Amoy), Fujian  
 Sōng míng Songming county in Kunming 昆 / / [Kun1 ming2], Yunnan  
 sōng míng pine torch
 tiǎo míng to illuminate / to open up (a topic)  
 wēi míng twilight  
 xù míng detailed accounting  
 Yáng míng Yangming district of Mudanjiang city 牡 / / / / , Heilongjiang  
 Yáo Míng Yao Ming (1980-), retired Chinese basketball player, played for CBA Shanghai Sharks 1997-2002 and for NBA Houston Rockets 2002-2011  
 zhāng míng to show clearly / to make public / obvious  
 zhì míng at dawn  
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 bù míng bái does not understand / fails to realize (intuitively) what is going on  
 shuō míng shū (technical) manual / (book of) directions / synopsis (of a play or film) / CL:本 / [ben3]
 tòu míng dù transparency / (policy of) openness  
 bàn tòu míng translucent / semitransparent  
 bù míng què indefinite / unclear  
 zhèng míng shū certificate
 Bó míng hàn Birmingham  
 Qīng míng jié Qingming or Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day, celebration for the dead (in early April)  
 bù tòu míng opaque  
 fā míng rén inventor  
 sān míng zhì sandwich (loanword) / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]  
 Táo Yuān míng Tao Yuanming (c. 365-427), Jin dynasty writer and poet  
 fā míng jiā inventor  
 Hú Zhì míng Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), former Vietnamese leader / see also 胡 / / / / [Hu2 Zhi4 ming2 Shi4]  
 qǐ míng xīng (astronomy) Venus
 fā míng zhě inventor  
 Yáng míng Shān Mt Yangming in Hunan / Mt Yangming in north Taiwan, near Taibei  
 Fú Míng xiá Fu Mingxia (1978-), Chinese diving champion  
 gǔ wén míng ancient civilization  
 Hǎi míng wēi Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), American novelist and journalist  
 jué míng zǐ (botany) cassia seed  
 Táng Míng huáng Emperor Ming of Tang (685-762), also known as Emperor Xuanzong of Tang 唐 / / / [Tang2 Xuan2 zong1], reigned 712-756  
 gǎn míng r (coll.) some day / one of these days  
 cháng míng dēng altar lamp burning day and night  
 Chóng míng Dǎo Chongming Island  
 Chén Jiǒng míng Chen Jiongming (1878-1933), a leading warlord of Guangdong faction, defeated in 1925 and fled to Hong Kong  
 zhào míng dàn a flare / a very light  
 Shī Míng dé Shih Ming-te (1941-), Taiwanese politician, imprisoned 1962-1977 and 1980-1990 under the Guomindang, subsequently a leader of DPP 民 / / / |民 / / / , since 2006 leader of protests against Chen Shui-Bian 陳 / / û  
  senna / cassia  
 Bān yǎ míng Benjamin (name)  
 Běn jié míng Benjamin (person name)  
 chén zhì míng Dominic  
 Chóng míng xiàn Chongming island county, Shanghai  
 Cuī Míng huì Christine Choy (1964-), Chinese-American film director  
 Dà míng Hú Daming Lake in Jinan 濟 / / |济 / / [Ji3 nan2], Shandong  
 Dà míng lì the 5th century Chinese calendar established by Zu Chongzhi 祖 / / / |祖 / /  
 dà míng xiā king prawn  
 diàn zhào míng electric lighting  
 Dōng míng xiàn Dongming county in Heze 菏 / / |菏 / / [He2 ze2], Shandong  
 Gāo míng qū Gaoming district of Foshan city 佛 / / / [Fo2 shan1 shi4], Guangdong  
 Guāng míng jié Hanukkah (Chanukah), 8 day Jewish holiday starting on the 25th day of Kislev (can occur from late Nov up to late Dec on Gregorian calendar) / also called 哈 / / / / |哈 / / / / and simply 哈 / /  
 guāng míng xīng bright star / name of North Korean space satellite  
 Guō Jìng míng Guo Jingming (1983-), Chinese young-adult fiction writer and teen pop idol  
 Hàn Míng Dì Emperor Ming of Han (28-75), Western Han Dynasty Emperor 58-75  
 Hēi zé Míng Kurosawa Akira (1910-1998) Japanese movie director  
怀 Huái é míng Wyoming, US state  
 huáng xiǎo míng Huang  
 Jīn míng qū Jinming district of Kaifeng city 開 / / / |开 / / / [Kai1 feng1 shi4], Henan  
 Kūn míng Hú Kunming Lake  
 Kūn míng shì Kunming, prefecture-level city and capital of Yunnan province in southwest China  
 Lǐ Míng bó Lee Myung-bak (1941-), South Korean businessman, one-time chairman of Hyundai, President of South Korea from 2007  
 Nán míng qū Nanming district of Guiyang city 貴 / / / |贵 / / / [Gui4 yang2 shi4], Guizhou  
 Níng míng xiàn Ningming county in Chongzuo 崇 / / [Chong2 zuo3], Guangxi  
 nòng míng bai to figure out how to do something  
 péng míng mǐn Peng  
 Sān míng shì Sanming prefecture level city in Fujian  
 shēng míng shū statement  
 Shǐ Sī míng Shi Siming (703-761), non-Han military man and colleague of An Lushan 安 / 祿 / / |安 / / / [An1 Lu4 shan1], eventually conspirator with him in the 755-763 An-Shi Rebellion 安 / / / / |安 / / ߔ  
 shuō míng huì information meeting  
 Sī míng qū Siming district of Xiamen city 廈 / / / |厦 / / / [Xia4 men2 shi4] (Amoy), Fujian  
 Sōng míng xiàn Songming county in Kunming 昆 / / [Kun1 ming2], Yunnan  
 táng míng zhì Michael  
 tòu míng jiāo Scotch tape  
 wèi dào míng Wey  
 wēi míng qū oligophotic zone  
 wén míng bìng lifestyle diseases  
 wén míng huà civilize  
 Wén Zhēng míng Wen Zhengming (1470-1559), Ming painter, one of Four great southern talents of the Ming 江 / / / / /  
 Wú Tiān míng Wu Tianming (1939-), PRC film director  
 xiǎo cōng ming clever-clever / clever in trivial matters / sharp but petty-minded
 Xì míng tǐ Mincho narrow font  
 Yáng míng qū Yangming district of Mudanjiang city 牡 / / / / , Heilongjiang  

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