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 duì kàng to withstand / to resist / to stand off / antagonism / confrontation
 dāng to be / to act as / manage / withstand / when / during / ought / should / match equally / equal / same / obstruct / just at (a time or place) / on the spot / right / just at
 tǐng straight / erect / to stick out (a part of the body) / to (physically) straighten up / to support / to withstand / outstanding / (coll.) quite / very / classifier for machine guns
 dǐ dǎng to resist / to hold back / to stop / to ward off / to withstand
 dǐ yù to resist / to withstand
 jīng shòu to undergo (hardship) / to endure / to withstand
 dǐng zhù to withstand / to stand up to
 dí enemy / to be a match for / to rival / to resist / to withstand
 hàn to ward off (a blow) / to withstand / to defend
 jīng de qǐ to be able to withstand / to be able to endure
 bù kān yī jī to be unable to withstand a single blow / to collapse at the first blow
 nài kàn able to withstand careful appreciation / well worth a second look
 jià bu zhù (coll.) unable to withstand / cannot bear / can't stand it / no match for
 jìng cǎo tough upright grass / fig. a staunch character able to withstand tough test
 hàn to ward off / to withstand / to resist

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