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 bù yào jǐn unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind / it looks all right, but
 qīng light / easy / gentle / soft / reckless / unimportant / frivolous / small in number / unstressed / neutral / to disparage
 bù zhòng yào unimportant
 xiǎo kě small / unimportant / (polite) my humble person
 děng xián ordinary / common / unimportant / idly / for no reason
 bù dǎ jǐn unimportant / not serious / it doesn't matter / never mind
 xī sōng poor / sloppy / unconcerned / heedless / lax / unimportant / trivial / loose / porous
鸿 qīng yú hóng máo light as a goose feather (idiom) / trifling / unimportant
 yǒu yī dā méi yī dā unimportant / perfunctory / indifferent / (of conversation) idly
 bù guān tòng yǎng unimportant / of no consequence
 qīng zhòng dào zhì to invert the importance of things (i.e. stress the unimportant and neglect the important) / lacking a sense of perspective / to put the cart before the horse
 shì tóng ér xì to regard sth as a plaything (idiom) / to consider unimportant / to view as trifling
线 zhēn tóu xiàn nǎo needle and thread / sewing implements / needlework / (fig.) unimportant thing

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