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"To work hard" • Chinese-English Dictionary

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 xīn kǔ exhausting / hard / tough / arduous / to work hard / to go to a lot of trouble / hardship(s)
 cāo láo to work hard / to look after
 lèi tired / weary / to strain / to wear out / to work hard
 fèn zhàn to fight bravely / (fig.) to struggle / to work hard
 dǎ pīn to work hard / to try to make a living
 fā fèn to make an effort / to push for sth / to work hard
 kǔ gàn to work hard
 sù xīng yè mèi to rise early and sleep late (idiom) / to work hard / to study diligently / to burn the candle at both ends

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