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 rèn wéi to believe / to think / to consider / to feel
 jué de to think / to feel
 yǐ wéi to believe / to think / to consider / to be under the impression
 xiǎng to think / to believe / to suppose / to wish / to want / to miss (feel wistful about the absence of sb or sth)
 xīn xiǎng to think to oneself / to think / to assume
 liào xiǎng to expect / to presume / to think (sth is likely)
 dòng nǎo jīn to use one's brains / to think
 dàng at or in the very same... / suitable / adequate / fitting / proper / to replace / to regard as / to think / to pawn / (coll.) to fail (a student)
 yì idea / meaning / thought / to think / wish / desire / intention / to expect / to anticipate
 sī to think / to consider
 nèn to think / this / which? / how? (literary) / Taiwan pr. [ren4]
 yùn sī to think / to exercise one's mind

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