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 káng to carry on one's shoulder / (fig.) to take on (a burden, duty etc)
 dāng shang to take up duty as / to assume a position / to assume / to take on (an office)
 chéng dāng to bear (responsibility) / to take on / to assume
 lǎn to monopolize / to seize / to take into one's arms / to embrace / to fasten (with a rope etc) / to take on (responsibility etc) / to canvass
 dōu lǎn to canvas (for customers) / to solicit / to advertise / to drum up / sales pitch / to take on (a task)
 chéng zuò to undertake / to take on (i.e. to accept a task)
 zhāo qǐng to recruit / to take on (an employee)

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