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 yā zhì to suppress / to inhibit / to stifle
 qǔ dì to suppress / to crack down on / to prohibit
 mǒ shā to erase / to cover traces / to obliterate evidence / to expunge / to blot out / to suppress
 yì zhì to inhibit / to keep down / to suppress
 píng xī to settle (a dispute) / to quieten down / to suppress
 dǎ yā to suppress / to beat down
 zhèn yā suppression / repression / to suppress / to put down / to quell
 yàn xià to swallow / to suppress
 qīng jiǎo to suppress (insurgents) / clean-up operation
 qián zhì to suppress / to muzzle / to gag
 chá jìn to prohibit / to ban / to suppress
 tán yā to suppress / to quell (a disturbance) / repression
 zhuī jiǎo to pursue and eliminate / to suppress
 zhèn to press down / to calm / to subdue / to suppress / to guard / garrison / small town / to cool or chill (food or drinks)
 qián zhù to clamp down / to suppress
 yàn zhù to suppress (a sob, harsh words etc)
 è yì to suppress / to restrain

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