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 jié zhǐ to close / to stop / to put a stop to sth / cut-off point / stopping point / deadline
 zhōng zhǐ to stop / to terminate (law)
 zhì zhǐ to curb / to put a stop to / to stop / to check / to limit
 shā chē to brake (when driving) / to stop / to switch off / to check (bad habits) / a brake
 zǔ lán to stop / to obstruct
 shǎo few / less / to lack / to be missing / to stop (doing sth) / seldom
 zhù to live / to dwell / to stay / to reside / to stop / (suffix indicating firmness, steadiness, or coming to a halt)
 shōu to receive / to accept / to collect / to put away / to restrain / to stop / in care of (used on address line after name)
 zhàn station / to stand / to halt / to stop / branch of a company or organization / website
 tíng to stop / to halt / to park (a car)
 dùn to stop / to pause / to arrange / to lay out / to kowtow / to stamp (one's foot) / at once / classifier for meals, beatings, scoldings etc: time, bout, spell, meal
 xiē to rest / to take a break / to stop / to halt / (dialect) to sleep / a moment / a short while
 dòu to stay / to stop / to tease (play with) / amusing / short pause in reading aloud, equivalent to comma (also written 讀 / |读 / [dou4])
 tíng zhǐ to stop / to halt / to cease
 tíng xià to stop
 tíng xià lái to stop
 zǔ dǎng to stop / to resist / to obstruct
 dǐ dǎng to resist / to hold back / to stop / to ward off / to withstand
 lán zhù to stop / to bar the way
 tíng zhù to stop / to halt / to cease
 zhōng zhǐ to cease / to suspend / to break off / to stop / to discontinue
 zhù shǒu to desist / to stop / to stay one's hand
 tíng jī (of a machine) to stop / to shut down / to park a plane / to finish shooting (a TV program etc) / to suspend a phone line / (of a prepaid mobile phone) to be out of credit
 zhù zú to stop (walking) / to halt
 zǔ jī to check / to stop
 zhǐ bù to halt / to stop / to go no farther
 dǎ zhù to stop / to halt
 tíng xī to stop / to cease
 tíng bù to come to a stand / to stop
 shā zhù to stop / to come to a halt
 zǔ jié to stop / to obstruct / to bar the way
 jù fù to refuse to accept a payment / to refuse to pay / to stop (a check or payment)
 yǐ already / to stop / then / afterwards
 xiū zhǐ to stop
 shā zhù to brake / to stop / to forbid
 xī breath / news / interest (on an investment or loan) / to cease / to stop / to rest / Taiwan pr. [xi2]
 zhǐ to stop / to prohibit / until / only
 kǎ to stop / to block / card / CL:張 / |张 / [zhang1],片 / [pian4] / calorie / cassette / (computing) (coll.) slow
 dù birchleaf pear (tree) / to stop / to prevent / to restrict
 bà to stop / to cease / to dismiss / to suspend / to quit / to finish
 jié to cut off (a length) / to stop / to intercept / section / chunk / length
 jǔ to destroy / to stop
 gù obstinate disease / to restrain / to stop
 chuò to stop (before completion) / to cease / to suspend
 yǎn to lie supine / to stop / to fall down
 mǐ to stop / repress
 què (literary) to end / to stop / section of a ci poem / classifier for songs or ci poems
 zhí hesitating / to stop
 chēn (literary) to stop / kindhearted
 zhì to squat / to stop

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