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 dǎ yìn to print / to seal / to stamp
 gài zhāng to affix a seal / to stamp (a document) / to sign off on sth
 dùn to stop / to pause / to arrange / to lay out / to kowtow / to stamp (one's foot) / at once / classifier for meals, beatings, scoldings etc: time, bout, spell, meal
 cǎi to step on / to tread / to stamp / to press a pedal / to pedal (a bike)
 jiā gài to seal (with official stamp) / to stamp / fig. to ratify / to put lid on (cooking pot) / to cap / to build an extension or additional storey
 chòng yā to stamp / to press (sheet metal) / Taiwan pr. [chong1 ya1]
 gài yìn to affix a seal / to stamp (a document)
 tà to tread / to stamp / to step on / to press a pedal / to investigate on the spot
 dǎo to tread on / to trample / to stamp / to fulfill / Taiwan pr. [dao4]
 diān to fall / to stamp (one's foot) / to toss / to throw

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