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"To sit in meditation" • Chinese-English Dictionary

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 dǎ zuò to sit in meditation / to meditate
 cān chán to practice Chan Buddhist meditation / to practice Zen meditation / to sit in meditation
 zuò chán to sit in meditation / to meditate
 chén sī to contemplate / to ponder / contemplation / meditation
 míng xiǎng to meditate / meditation
 jìng xīn meditation
 miàn bì to face the wall / to sit facing the wall in meditation (Buddhism) / (fig.) to devote oneself to study, work etc
 chán dhyana (Sanskrit) / Zen / meditation (Buddhism)
 xiū xīn yǎng xìng to cultivate the heart and nurture the character (idiom) / to improve oneself by meditation
 zǎo shēn yù dé to bathe the body and cleanse virtue (idiom) / to improve oneself by meditation / cleanliness is next to godliness
 míng xiǎng to muse / to think deeply / contemplation / meditation
 chán táng meditation room (in Buddhist monastery)
 Jiě shēn mì jīng Sandhinir mokcana vyuha sutra, a yogic text on awareness and meditation, translated as the Wisdom of Buddha

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