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 fēn bù to scatter / to distribute / to be distributed (over an area etc) / (statistical, geographic) distribution
 fēn sàn to scatter / to disperse / to distribute
 huī to wave / to brandish / to command / to conduct / to scatter / to disperse
 shū sàn to scatter / to disperse / to evacuate / scattered / to relax
 luàn cuàn to flee in disarray / to scatter
 dǎ sàn to scatter / to break sth up / to beat (an egg)
 bō sǎ to sow (seeds) / to scatter
 sàn to scatter / to break up (a meeting etc) / to disperse / to disseminate / to dispel / (coll.) to sack
 bō to sow / to scatter / to spread / to broadcast / Taiwan pr. [bo4]
 sǎ to scatter / to sprinkle / to spill
 pāo sàn to scatter / to disperse

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