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 xuán zhuǎn to rotate / to revolve / to spin / to whirl
 zhōu zhuǎn to rotate / to circulate (cash, stock etc) / turnover / circulation / cash flow
 zhuàn dòng to rotate (about an axis) / to revolve / to turn / to move in a circle / to gyrate
 huí zhuǎn to revolve / to rotate / rotation
 dǎ zhuàn to spin / to rotate / to revolve
 zhuàn quān to rotate / to twirl / to run around / to encircle / rotation / (coll.) to speak indirectly / to beat about the bush
 lún zhuàn to rotate
 dǎo huàn to take turns / to rotate (responsibility)
 lún wheel / disk / ring / steamship / to take turns / to rotate / by turn / classifier for big round objects: disk, or recurring events: round, turn

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