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 qiǎng jié to rob / looting
 lu:è duó to plunder / to rob
 qiáng dào to rob (with force) / bandit / robber / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 dǎ jié to loot / to rob / to plunder / to ransack
 xǐ jié to loot / to rob / to ransack / to pillage
 qiǎng to fight over / to rush / to scramble / to grab / to rob / to snatch
 dào to steal / to rob / to plunder / thief / bandit / robber
 jié to rob / to plunder / to seize by force / to coerce / calamity / abbr. for kalpa 劫 / / [jie2 bo1]
 lu:è to take over by force / to rob / to plunder / to brush over / to skim / to sweep
 piāo to rob / swift / nimble / Taiwan pr. [piao4]

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