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 dài tì to replace / to take the place of
 dǐng apex / crown of the head / top / roof / most / to carry on the head / to push to the top / to go against / to replace / to substitute / to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc) / (slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile / classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc
 gēng huàn to replace (a worn-out tire etc) / to change (one's address etc)
 tì dài to substitute for / to replace / to supersede
 qǔ dài to replace / to supersede / to supplant / (chemistry) substitution
 tì huàn to exchange / to replace / to substitute for / to switch
 jiāo tì to replace / alternately / in turn
 zhì huàn to permute / permutation (math.) / to displace / displacement / to replace / replacement
 jiē tì to replace / to take over (a position or post)
 dǐng tì to replace
 gēng tì to take over (from one another) / to alternate / to replace / to relay
 chè huàn to dismiss and replace (sb) / to replace (sb or sth)
 dàng at or in the very same... / suitable / adequate / fitting / proper / to replace / to regard as / to think / to pawn / (coll.) to fail (a student)
 gēng dòng to change / to replace / to alter
 dài to substitute / to act on behalf of others / to replace / generation / dynasty / age / period / (historical) era / (geological) eon
 diào huàn to swap / to replace / to exchange / to change
 tì to substitute for / to take the place of / to replace / for / on behalf of / to stand in for
 huàn zhì to swap / to exchange / to transpose / to replace
 dǎo tì to take turns (responsibility) / to replace
 pèi bǔ to replace (sth missing) / to restore
 tiǎo (dialect) to exchange / to replace

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