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 gū jì to estimate / to reckon / CL:個|个[ge4] / (coll.) to suppose
 dǎ liang to size sb up / to look sb up and down / to take the measure of / to suppose / to reckon
 suàn ji to reckon / to calculate / to plan / to expect / to scheme
 tuī suàn to calculate / to reckon / to extrapolate (in calculation)
 sī liang to reckon / to consider / to turn over in one's mind
 suàn zhàng to reckon (accounting) / to balance an account / fig. to settle an account / to get one's revenge
 sī cǔn to ponder / to reckon / to turn sth over in one's mind
 shǔ shù to count / to reckon
 tuī xiǎng to reckon / to infer / to imagine
 gū mo to reckon / to guess
 cǔn sī to reckon / to consider / to ponder / to estimate
 liào dù to reckon / to imagine

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