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CHARACTERS : Simplified Traditional
PHONETIC : Pinyin Bopomofo EFEO Wade-Giles Yale

 zì wèi to console oneself / to masturbate / onanism / masturbation
 shǒu yín to masturbate / masturbation
 dǎ pào to open fire with artillery / to set off firecrackers / to make one's stage debut / (slang) to have sex / to masturbate
 dǎ fēi jī to masturbate (slang)
 dǎ shǒu qiāng to masturbate
 zì dú masturbation / to masturbate
 wǔ dǎ yī to masturbate (slang)
 luò guǎn to masturbate
 lū guǎn (slang) to masturbate

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