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 jié guǒ outcome / result / conclusion / in the end / as a result / to kill / to dispatch
 shā to kill / to murder / to attack / to weaken or reduce / to smart (dialect) / (used after a verb) extremely
 guà to hang or suspend (from a hook etc) / to hang up (the phone) / (of a line) to be dead / to be worried or concerned / to make a phone call (dialect) / to register or record / classifier for sets or clusters of objects / (slang) to kill / to die / to be finished / to fail (an exam)
 shā rén homicide / to murder / to kill (a person)
 shā sǐ to kill
 dǎ sǐ to kill / to beat to death
 shā diào to kill
 hài sǐ to kill / to cause death / to do sb to death
 jī bì to kill / to shoot dead
 liè shā to kill (in hunting)
 pū shā to kill / to cull
 nòng sǐ to kill / to put to death
 dǎ shā to kill
 zhū shā to kill / to murder
 nu:è shā to kill (or assault) sadistically
 gàn tree trunk / main part of sth / to manage / to work / to do / capable / cadre / to kill (slang) / to fuck (vulgar)
 lù to kill
 qiāng to kill / to injure / Taiwan pr. [qiang2]
 shū to kill / a spear
 hā la rancid / to kill / to slaughter
 zuò diào to kill / to get rid of / (sports) to defeat / to eliminate

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