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 rù qīn to invade
 qīn rù to make (military) incursions / to invade / to intrude into / to trespass / to gain unauthorized access (computing)
 dǎ jìn to breach / to invade
 qīn xí to invade / to assail / onslaught
 lái xí to invade / (of a storm etc) to strike / to hit
 jìn fàn to invade
 qīn to invade / to encroach / to infringe / to approach
 kòu to invade / to plunder / bandit / foe / enemy
 jìn xí raid / to carry out a raid / to invade
 kòu guān to knock at the gate (old) / to make an approach / to invade / to attack the goal (sports)

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