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 zhōng duàn to cut short / to break off / to discontinue / to interrupt
 chà fork in road / bifurcation / branch in road, river, mountain range etc / to branch off / to turn off / to diverge / to stray (from the path) / to change the subject / to interrupt / to stagger (times)
 dǎ duàn to interrupt / to break off / to break (a bone)
 chā zuǐ to interrupt (sb talking) / to butt in / to cut into a conversation
 jié duàn to break or cut in two / to sever / to cut off / (fig.) to cut off (a conversation, a flow etc) / to interrupt / (math.) to truncate
 chā kǒu socket (for an electric plug) / to interrupt (sb speaking) / to butt in
 chā huà to interrupt (sb speaking) / interruption / digression
 chā bō to interrupt (a radio or TV program) with a commercial insert, breaking news etc / to put a call on hold
 dǎ chà interruption / to interrupt (esp. talk) / to change the subject
 zhē duàn to cut off / to interrupt / to prevent access

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