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 shāng hài to injure / to harm
 sǔn huài to damage / to injure
 sǔn shāng to harm / to damage / to injure / impairment / loss / disability
 dǎ shāng to injure / to wound / to damage
 cán hài to injure / to devastate / to slaughter
 jiā hài to injure
 qiāng hài to injure
 huǐ shāng to injure / to damage
 shāng to injure / injury / wound
 bào sudden / violent / cruel / to show or expose / to injure
 cán to destroy / to spoil / to ruin / to injure / cruel / oppressive / savage / brutal / incomplete / disabled / to remain / to survive / remnant / surplus
 lěi to injure / puppet
 qiāng to kill / to injure / Taiwan pr. [qiang2]

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