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 chǔ lǐ to handle / to treat / to deal with / to process / to deal with a criminal case / to mete out punishment / to offer for sale at a reduced price / to punish
 cóng shì to go for / to engage in / to undertake / to deal with / to handle / to do
 fú hé in keeping with / in accordance with / tallying with / in line with / to agree with / to accord with / to conform to / to correspond with / to manage / to handle
 bàn lǐ to handle / to transact / to conduct
 duì fu to handle / to deal with / to cope / to get by with
 chǔ zhì to handle / to take care of / to punish
 guò lái to come over / to manage / to handle / to be able to take care of
 bàn shì to handle (affairs) / to work
 shòu lǐ to accept to hear a case / to handle (a service)
 xíng shì to execute / to handle / behavior / action / conduct
 liào lǐ to arrange / to handle / to cook / cuisine / art of cooking
 jià yù to urge on (of horse) / to drive / to steer / to handle / to manage / to master / to dominate
 jīng shǒu to pass through one's hands / to handle / to deal with
 lǐ texture / grain (of wood) / inner essence / intrinsic order / reason / logic / truth / science / natural science (esp. physics) / to manage / to pay attention to / to run (affairs) / to handle / to put in order / to tidy up
 cāo chi to manage / to handle
 chǔ zhì to punish / to handle / to deal with (literary)
 bàn to do / to manage / to handle / to go about / to run / to set up / to deal with
 cái chǔ to handle
 cuò zhì to handle / to arrange
 cuò to handle / to manage / to put in order / to arrange / to administer / to execute / to take action on / to plan
 qū chǔ to handle / to treat
 yìng shǒu to handle / convenient
 yíng bàn to handle / to undertake / to run (a business) / to administer
 liǎo dàng frank / outspoken / ready / settled / in order / (old) to deal with / to handle

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