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 shū tōng to unblock / to dredge / to clear the way / to get things flowing / to facilitate / to mediate / to lobby / to explicate (a text)
 shū dǎo to dredge / to open up a path for / to remove obstructions / to clear the way / to enlighten / persuasion
 dǎ lāo to salvage / to dredge / to fish out (person or object from the sea)
 shēn wā to dredge
 shū jùn to dredge
 shū to dredge / to clear away obstruction / thin / sparse / scanty / distant (relation) / not close / to neglect / negligent / to present a memorial to the Emperor / commentary / annotation
 táo to wash / to clean out / to cleanse / to eliminate / to dredge
 xiè to get rid of / to discharge / to dredge
 wā jùn to dredge
 shū wā to dredge / to dig out (a channel)
 jùn xiè to dredge

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