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 yǐng xiǎng influence / effect / to influence / to affect (usually adversely) / to disturb / CL:股 / [gu3]
 gān rǎo to disturb / to interfere / perturbation / interference (physics)
 dǎ rǎo to disturb / to bother / to trouble
 sāo rǎo to disturb / to cause a commotion / to harass
 jīng dòng to alarm / to startle / to disturb
 rǎo luàn to disturb / to perturb / to harass
 dǎo luàn to disturb / to look for trouble / to stir up a row / to bother sb intentionally
 kùn rǎo to perplex / to disturb / to cause complications
 dǎ jiǎo to disturb / to trouble
 nào teng to disturb / to create confusion / to make a din
 fán rǎo to bother / to disturb / to vex
 rǎo dòng to disturb / to stir up / disturbance / agitation / turmoil
 rǎo rǎng bustling / to create trouble / to disturb
 jiǎo rǎo to disturb / to annoy
 nào noisy / cacophonous / to make noise / to disturb / to vent (feelings) / to fall ill / to have an attack (of sickness) / to go in (for some activity) / to joke
 rǎo to disturb
 jiǎo to disturb / to annoy / to mix / to stir
 guà to deceive / to disturb
 niǎo to tease / to disturb
 hùn privy / animal pen / muddy / disordered / to disturb
 hú jiǎo to disturb / to pester
 luàn gū rang to disturb (dialect)
 chán rǎo to harass / to disturb
 sāo jiǎo to disturb / to pester
 sāo rǎo to disturb / to harass

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