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 fā zhǎn development / growth / to develop / to grow / to expand
 kāi fā to exploit (a resource) / to open up (for development) / to develop
 kāi zhǎn to launch / to develop / to unfold / (of an exhibition etc) to open
 fā huī to display / to exhibit / to bring out implicit or innate qualities / to express (a thought or moral) / to develop (an idea) / to elaborate (on a theme)
 fā dá developed (country etc) / flourishing / to develop
 kāi tuò to break new ground (for agriculture) / to open up (a new seam) / to develop (border regions) / fig. to open up (new horizons)
 yǎn yì (of a story etc) to unfold / to play out / to develop (a technique etc) / to enact / (logic) to deduce / to infer
 fā yù to develop / to mature / growth / development / (sexually) mature
 yǎn biàn to develop / to evolve / development / evolution
 fā yáng to develop / to make full use of
 xǐ to wash / to bathe / to develop (photo)
 dǎ zào to create / to build / to develop / to forge (of metal)
 yán fā research and development / to develop
 yán zhì to manufacture / to develop
 chōng xǐ to rinse / to wash / to develop (photographic film)
 jiàn gòu to construct (often sth abstract, such as good relations) / to set up / to develop / construction (abstract) / architecture
 shēng fā to emerge and grow / to develop
 zī zhǎng to grow (usually of abstract things) / to yield / to develop
 huī hóng to develop / vast / broad / generous
 fā to send out / to show (one's feeling) / to issue / to develop / to make a bundle of money / classifier for gunshots (rounds)
 xiǎn yǐng (photographic processing) to develop
 zhǎng chief / head / elder / to grow / to develop / to increase / to enhance
 yǎn biàn to develop / to evolve
 yǎn to develop / to evolve / to practice / to perform / to play / to act
 tuò to expand / to push sth with the hand / to develop / to open up
 yǎn to spread out / to develop / to overflow / to amplify / superfluous
 zhòu (writing) / to develop / seal script used throughout the pre-Han period

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