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 pò huài destruction / damage / to wreck / to break / to destroy
 huǐ miè to perish / to ruin / to destroy
 miè wáng to be destroyed / to become extinct / to perish / to die out / to destroy / to exterminate
 xiāo huǐ to destroy (by melting or burning) / to obliterate
 pò broken / damaged / worn out / lousy / rotten / to break, split or cleave / to get rid of / to destroy / to break with / to defeat / to capture (a city etc) / to expose the truth of
 cuī huǐ to destroy / to wreck
 dǎ diào to tear down / to destroy / to dismantle (a gang) / to abort (a fetus)
 huǐ diào to destroy
 sǔn huǐ to cause damage to / to ruin / to destroy
 dǎo huǐ to destroy / to smash / sabotage
 yīn miè to destroy / to disappear / annihilation
 dǎ kuǎ to defeat / to strike down / to destroy
 zá huǐ to destroy / to smash
 zāo jian to waste / to spoil / to destroy / to insult grievously
 cán to destroy / to spoil / to ruin / to injure / cruel / oppressive / savage / brutal / incomplete / disabled / to remain / to survive / remnant / surplus
 cuī to break / to destroy / to devastate / to ravage / to repress
 jǔ to destroy / to stop
 fèn to instigate / to ruin / to destroy
 guǐ to destroy / to damage / dilapidated / collapsed
 píng huǐ to level / to raise to the ground / to destroy
 dān cán to destroy
 huǐ chú to destroy
 là to destroy / to rip / to tear open

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