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 zhuāng xiū to decorate / interior decoration / to fit up / to renovate
 zhuāng shì to decorate / decoration / decorative / ornamental
 bù zhì to put in order / to arrange / to decorate / to fix up / to deploy
 dǎ ban to decorate / to dress / to make up / to adorn / manner of dressing / style of dress
 diǎn zhuì to decorate / to adorn / sprinkled / studded / only for show
 měi huà to make more beautiful / to decorate / embellishment
 zhuāng bàn to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to disguise oneself
 xiū shì to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to polish (a written piece) / to qualify or modify (grammar)
 bǎi shè to arrange / to set out / to decorate / to display / decorative items
 zhuāng diǎn to decorate / to dress up / to deck
 fěn shì to paint / to whitewash / to decorate / plaster / fig. to gloss over / to cover up
 diāo shì to carve / to decorate / carved / decorated
 zhuāng diǎn to decorate
 shì decoration / ornament / to decorate / to adorn / to hide / to conceal (a fault) / excuse (to hide a fault) / to play a role (in opera) / to impersonate
 zhuì shì to decorate / decoration
 zhuāng bǎn to decorate / to adorn / to dress up

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