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 zào chéng to bring about / to create / to cause
 dǎo zhì to lead to / to create / to cause / to bring about
 chuàng zào to create / to bring about / to produce / to set (a record)
 chuàng zuò to create / to produce / to write / creative work / creation / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 chéng jiù accomplishment / success / achievement / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / to achieve (a result) / to create / to bring about
 biān zhī to weave / to knit / to plait / to braid / (fig.) to create (sth abstract, e.g. a dream, a lie etc)
 dǎ zào to create / to build / to develop / to forge (of metal)
 shǒu chuàng to create / original creation / to be the first to do sth
 chuàng shè to establish / to found / to create (a good environment)
 dì zào to found / to create
 zī shēng to breed / to flourish / to cause / to provoke / to create
 zì chuàng to create / to come up with (an idea etc)
 chuàng zhì to create / to inaugurate / to contrive / to build (a mechanism)
 chuàng to begin / to initiate / to inaugurate / to start / to create
 zhào jiàn to build (for the first time) / to create (a building)

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