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 chēng hu to call / to address as / appellation
 hào zhào to call / to appeal
 jiào dào to call / to shout
 bō dǎ to call / to dial
 zhào huàn to summon / to beckon / to call
 hū jiào to shout / to yell / (telecommunications) to call
 jiào zuò to call / to be called
 diào rù to bring in / to call in / to transfer (a person, data) / (computing) to call / to load (a subroutine etc)
 guàn yǐ to label / to call
 huàn to call
 hū to exhale / to call / scream of tiger
 hū zhào to call (to do something)
 gōng yì to call (at sb's home) personally
 chēng shuō to declare / to state / to call / to name
 gēn zhù to match a bet / to call (poker)
 zhāo huàn to call / to summon

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