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 dǎ rǎo to disturb / to bother / to trouble
 chán rào twisting / to twine / to wind / to pester / to bother
 nán wei to bother / to press sb, usu. to do sth / it's a tough job / sorry to bother you (polite, used to thank sb for a favor)
 fán rǎo to bother / to disturb / to vex
 láo shén to be a tax on (one's mind) / to bother / to trouble / to be concerned
 fán to feel vexed / to bother / to trouble / superfluous and confusing / edgy
 chán to wind around / to wrap round / to coil / tangle / to involve / to bother / to annoy
 chán jiā to annoy / to bother / to harass

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