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 biǎn flat / (coll.) to beat (sb) up / old variant of 匾 / [bian3]
 yíng to beat / to win / to profit
 jī bài to defeat / to beat
 dǎ bài to defeat / to overpower / to beat / to be defeated
 qiāo dǎ to beat sb / to beat (a drum)
 jī dǎ to beat / to lash
 dǎ sàn to scatter / to break sth up / to beat (an egg)
 chuí dǎ to beat / to pound / to thump
 pāi jī to smack / to beat
 dǎ to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
 kēi to scold / to beat
 shèng victory / success / to beat / to defeat / to surpass / victorious / superior to / to get the better of / better than / surpassing / superb (of vista) / beautiful (scenery) / wonderful (view) / (Taiwan pr. [sheng1]) able to bear / equal to (a task)
 bó to fight / to combat / to seize / (of heart) to beat
 kǎo to beat / to flog / to examine under torture
 lèi to beat (a drum)
 chēn to beat / to winnow
 chuí jī to beat / to thump
 bàng chī to beat / to flog / to whip
 zòu biǎn to beat (sb) up / to hit
 hé to beat / to hit
 lu:è (old) to beat / to pound
 léi old variant of 擂 / [lei2] / to beat
 pò guān to solve or overcome (a difficult problem) / to beat (a video game)
 biào to bind tightly / to link (arms) / to hang around with / to stick close to (sb) / to compete / (literary) to beat

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