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 shàng bān to go to work / to be on duty / to start work / to go to the office
 zhí qín to be on duty (of a security guard etc)
 dāng zhí to be on duty
 zhí value / (to be) worth / to happen to / to be on duty
 zé rèn responsibility / blame / duty / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 rèn wu mission / assignment / task / duty / role / CL:項 / |项 / [xiang4],個 / |个 / [ge4]
 zhí zé duty / responsibility / obligation
 yì wù duty / obligation / CL:項 / |项 / [xiang4] / volunteer (work etc)
 Sān gè Dài biǎo the Three Represents enunciated by Jiang Zemin 江 / / / |江 / / / as the duty of the Chinese Communist party in 2001, namely: to represent productivity of an advanced society, forward progress of advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the people
 xià gǎng to come off sentry duty / to lay off (a worker) / laid-off
 bào dào to report for duty / to check in / to register
 zhí bān to work a shift / on duty
 guān shuì customs duty / tariff
 zhuān zhí special duty / assigned full time to a task
 zhòng xíng heavy / heavy duty / large caliber
 dāng shang to take up duty as / to assume a position / to assume / to take on (an office)
 miǎn shuì not liable to taxation (of monastery, imperial family etc) / tax free / duty free (shop)
 zhǔ yào rèn wu main task / principal duty
 běn fèn (to play) one's part / one's role / one's duty / (to stay within) one's bounds / dutiful / keeping to one's role
 shī zhí to lose one's job / unemployment / not to fulfill one's obligations / to neglect one's job / dereliction of duty
 jìn zé to do one's duty / to do one's bit conscientiously
 xiàn yì (military) active duty
 lún huàn duty roster
 zhí shǒu duty / responsibility / post
 wán hū zhí shǒu to neglect one's duty / dereliction of duty / malpractice
 shǒu bèi to garrison / to stand guard / on garrison duty
 shǒu mén to keep goal / on duty as gatekeeper
 yìn huā shuì stamp duty
 dú zhí wrongdoing / failure to do one's duty
 ēn chóu debt of gratitude coupled with duty to avenge
 zhàn gǎng to stand guard / to serve on sentry duty
 tiān zhí vocation / duty / mission in life
 fǎn qīng xiāo shuì countervailing duty
 zhí bān shì Duty Room
 zhí shǒu (of a security guard etc) to be on duty, keeping an eye on things / to keep watch
 zhí rì on day duty
 fǔ xù (of an organization that has a duty of care) to give financial support to relatives of sb who has died or suffered serious injury
 zé wú páng dài to be duty bound / to be one's unshrinkable responsibility
 lún zhí to take turns on duty
 xùn zhí to die in the line of duty
 gǔ zhǎng person in charge of a 股 / [gu3] (section or department) / head / chief / director / (in a class in a school) student responsible for a specific duty, e.g. 風 / / / / |风 / / / / [feng1 ji4 gu3 zhang3] discipline monitor
 běn fèn one's duty
 cháo jìn to give audience (of emperor) / retainers' duty to pay respect to sovereign / hajj (Islam)
 fàng shào to keep watch / to do sentry duty / to be on patrol
 rén rén yǒu zé it is everyone's duty
 jìn xiào to do one's filial duty
 zhí bān yuán duty clerk
 jiē to receive / to answer (the phone) / to meet or welcome sb / to connect / to catch / to join / to extend / to take one's turn on duty / to take over for sb
 zhí rì shēng student on duty / prefect
 rén zhì yì jìn extreme benevolence, utmost duty (idiom) / meticulous virtue and attention to duty
 jìn yì wù to fulfill one's duty / to work without asking for reward
 xiào tì filial piety and fraternal duty
 zé duty / responsibility / to reproach / to blame
 zhí office / duty
 káng to carry on one's shoulder / (fig.) to take on (a burden, duty etc)
 tì to do one's duty as a younger brother
 lè bù sī Shǔ indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty (idiom)
 rén yì dào dé compassion, duty, propriety and integrity (idiom) / all the traditional virtues / mainly used sarcastically, to mean hypocritical
 shǒu tǔ yǒu zé duty to defend the country (idiom)
 fèn nèi one's job or duty / within one's remit
退线 tuì jū èr xiàn to withdraw to the second line of duty / to resign from a leading post (and assume an advisory post)
 shēn míng dà yì to have a high notion of one's duty / to be highly principled
 zhí yè on night duty
 zhí fèn duty
 duǒ lǎn to shy away from work / to get by without attending duty
 bào on night duty
 zuò bān to work office hours / on duty
 shàng yè to be on night duty
宿 zhí sù on night duty
 gōng mín yì wù civil obligation / a citizen's duty
 yīn gōng xùn zhí to die as in the line of duty (idiom)
 shī zé breach of responsibility / failure to carry out one's duty
 fèng zhí devotion to duty
 shǒu zhí to observe one's duty steadfastly / devoted to one's job
 yīng fèn should be divided / part of the job / one's duty under the circumstances
 tè qín special duty (e.g. extra security or traffic control on special occasions) / person on special duty
 xiàn shēn xùn zhí to sacrifice one's life in the line of duty
 liào shào to go on sentry duty / to stand guard
 guān fēng on lookout duty / to serve as lookout
 fǎn bǔ tiē shuì countervailing duty
 gōng zuò dì diǎn duty station
 wán shuì hòu jiāo huò delivered duty paid
 wèi wán shuì jiāo huò delivered duty unpaid
 zhù yì yì wù duty of care / due care
  non-family duty station
  duty station category
 zhǔ rèn zhí bān jūn guān senior duty officer
  field duty station
  family duty station
  administrative duty station
  headquarters duty station
  duty bearer
 yì wù shòu yì rén duty holder
  jury duty leave
  Duty Station Classification Scheme
  hardship duty station
 lín shí pài rèn temporary duty assignment / temporary assignment
  Working Group on the Classification of Duty Stations
  non-headquarters duty station
 zhí rì guān Duty Room Officer

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