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 dāng bīng to serve in the army / to be a soldier
 zhàn shì fighter / soldier / warrior / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 shì bīng soldier / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 jūn rén serviceman / soldier / military personnel
 shé tou tongue / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / enemy soldier captured for the purpose of extracting information
 bù bīng infantry / foot / infantryman / foot soldier
 jūn shì soldier / noncommssioned officer (NCO)
 pào bīng artillery soldier / gunner
 bīng shì ordinary soldier
 tè zhǒng bīng commando / special forces soldier
 shì zú soldier / private (army)
 bīng jiā military strategist in ancient China / military commander / soldier
 xiǎo zú foot soldier / minor figure / a nobody / (chess) pawn
 chū liè to step out of the ranks / Soldier X, step forward!
 pí xiū mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil, having head of a dragon and lion's body, often with hoofs, wings and tail / also written 辟 / / fig. valiant soldier
 cǎo mù jiē bīng lit. every tree or bush an enemy soldier (idiom) / fig. to panic and treat everyone as an enemy / to feel beleaguered
 shì member of the senior ministerial class (old) / scholar (old) / bachelor / honorific / soldier / noncommissioned officer / specialist worker
 zhì yuàn bīng volunteer soldier / CL:名 / [ming2]
 gòng fěi communist bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))
 bīng pǐ army riffraff / army ruffian / soldier of fortune
 páo zé fellow soldier
 jì (Taiwan) saddle horse / mounted soldier
 zú soldier / servant / to finish / to die / finally / at last / pawn in Chinese chess
 wú míng xiǎo zú insignificant soldier (idiom) / a nobody / nonentity
 Wú xià ā Méng General Lü / Meng 呂 / / |吕 / / of the southern state of Wu (idiom) / model of self-improvement by diligent study (from unlettered soldier to top strategist of Wu)
 wén wǔ shuāng quán well versed in letters and military technology (idiom) / fine scholar and soldier / master of pen and sword
 bào pò shǒu blaster / soldier or workman who sets off explosive charges / petardier
 bīng yǐ soldier ant / dinergate
 Měi guó jūn rén American serviceman / US soldier
 biàn bīng rebel soldier
 wú míng zhàn shì mù Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
 qiū bā soldier (from the two components of the 兵 / character) (derog.)
 Qiān niǎo yuān guó jiā gōng mù Chidori ga fuchi, national war cemetery in Tokyo / also called Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
 zú variant of 卒 / [zu2], soldier / to die
 Hǎo bīng Shuài kè The Good Soldier &Scaron / vejk (Schweik), satirical novel by Czech author Jaroslav Ha&scaron / ek (1883-1923)
 wá wa bīng child soldier
 shǒu bīng guard / garrison soldier
 tún shù garrison / soldier stationed in some place
 zhēng rén traveler (on a long journey) / participant in an expedition / garrison soldier / new recruit
 zhēng fū traveler / soldier on expedition / soldier taking part in battle
 zhēng shì soldier (in battle)
 shù zú garrison soldier
 qí dīng Manchurian foot soldier
 qí bīng Manchurian soldier
 gēng zú soldier (serving alternate watch)
 róng yù jūn rén disabled soldier / serviceman wounded in action
 wú míng zhàn sǐ the unknown soldier (symbolizing war dead)
 wú míng liè shì mù tomb of the unknown soldier
 guā dài a changeover of personnel / a new shift / (lit.) replacement for soldier on leave for the melon-picking season
 pào bīng artillery soldier / gunner / also written 炮 /
 jìn zú to forbid sb to go out / to confine to one location (e.g. student, soldier, prisoner, monk etc) / to ground (as disciplinary measure) / to gate / to curfew / restriction on movement / ban on visiting a place / out of bounds / off limits / caveat
 ā bīng gē (coll.) soldier boy
 qí mǎ zhě horseman / rider / mounted soldier
 jī běn jí basic level / soldier level
 shì bīng jí basic level / soldier level
 chì fěi red bandit (i.e. PLA soldier (during the civil war) or Chinese communist (Tw))
 tóng páo fellow soldier / comrade / companion / intimate friend
 róng mín retired soldier / veteran
 tiān bīng celestial soldier / (old) imperial troops / (Tw, jocular) clumsy army recruit / (more generally) bungler / screw-up
 guān jìn bì to put in detention (a soldier, a pupil)

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