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 chéng dān to undertake / to assume (responsibility etc)
 jiǎ shè to suppose / to presume / to assume / supposing that ... / if / hypothesis / conjecture
 shè xiǎng to imagine / to assume / to envisage / tentative plan / to have consideration for
 xīn xiǎng to think to oneself / to think / to assume
 bǎi chū to assume / to adopt (a look, pose, manner etc) / to bring out for display
 dāng shang to take up duty as / to assume a position / to assume / to take on (an office)
 dān dāng to take upon oneself / to assume
 zhuāng chū to assume (an air of)
 jiǎ dìng to assume / to suppose / supposed / so-called / assumption / hypothesis
 yì duàn to assume / assumption
 chéng dāng to bear (responsibility) / to take on / to assume
 jí namely / that is / i.e. / prompt / at once / at present / even if / prompted (by the occasion) / to approach / to come into contact / to assume (office) / to draw near
 chéng to present to a superior / memorial / petition / to present (a certain appearance) / to assume (a shape) / to be (a certain color)
 dān chéng to undertake / to assume (responsibility etc)

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