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 zhí jiē direct / opposite: indirect 間接|间接 / immediate / directly / straightforward
 tòng kuài delighted / to one's heart's content / straightforward / also pr. [tong4 kuai5]
 gān cuì straightforward / clear-cut / blunt (e.g. statement) / you might as well / simply
 zhí straight / to straighten / fair and reasonable / frank / straightforward / (indicates continuing motion or action) / vertical / vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters
 shuǎng lǎng clear and bright (of weather) / straightforward / candid / open
 cū guǎng rough / rude / boorish / straightforward / uninhibited
 hān hou simple and honest / straightforward
 zhí jié liǎo dàng direct and plainspoken (idiom) / blunt / straightforward
 shuài zhí frank / straightforward / blunt
 zhí shuǎng straightforward / outspoken
 cū háo straightforward / forthright
 shuǎng zhí straightforward
 zhào zhí directly / straight / straight ahead / straightforward
 shuài to lead / to command / rash / hasty / frank / straightforward / generally / usually
 zhēn shuài sincere / genuine / straightforward
 shuǎng bright / clear / crisp / open / frank / straightforward / to feel well / fine / pleasurable / invigorating / to deviate
 dǎng honest / straightforward
 zhí lái zhí qù going directly (without detour) / (fig.) direct / straightforward (in one's manner or speech)
 zhí jié straightforward
 shuǎng qì cool fresh air / straightforward
 shuǎng shuǎng kuài kuài in short order / straightforward
 zhí jié straightforward
 zhì zhí upright / straightforward
 ā shā lì (coll.) straightforward / unreserved / openhearted (Tw) (loanword from Japanese "assari")
 shuǎng kuai refreshed / rejuvenated / frank and straightforward
 háo shuǎng outspoken and straightforward / forthright / expansive
 guāng míng lěi luò open and candid (idiom) / straightforward and upright
 bái miáo line drawing in traditional ink and brush style / simple and straightforward style of writing
 hān zhí honest and straightforward
 wǒ zuì yù mián lit. I'm drunk and would like to sleep (idiom) / (used to indicate one's sincere and straightforward nature)
 zhí qíng jìng xíng straightforward and honest in one's actions (idiom)
 zhí huà straight talk / straightforward words
 xīn kǒu rú yī lit. heart and mouth as one (idiom) / to say what you think / honest and straightforward
 zhí bǐ a straightforward honest account
 yǒu bù shǎo míng tang there is a lot to it / not a straightforward matter
 zhí chén to say straight out / to point out bluntly / to give a straightforward account / to disclose

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