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 bān team / class / squad / work shift / ranking / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4] / classifier for groups
 bān zhǎng class monitor / squad leader / team leader / CL:個 / |个 / [ge4]
 tóng bān to be in the same class / to be in the same squad / classmate
 fēn duì military platoon or squad
 gǎn sǐ duì suicide squad / kamikaze unit
 qiāng bì to execute by firing squad / to shoot dead / fig. to discard / to get rid of
 jìng lu:3 strong contingent / elite squad
 lā lā duì support team / cheering squad / cheerleader
 lā lā duì support team / cheering squad / cheerleader / also written 啦 / / / |啦 / /
 qiāng jué to execute by firing squad / same as 槍 / / |枪 /
 bié dòng duì special detachment / commando / an armed secret agent squad
 fáng bào duì anti-riot squad
 wǔ squad of five soldiers / to associate with / five (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
 bān wù huì a routine meeting of a squad / team or class
 fáng bào jǐng chá riot police / riot squad
 xíng xíng duì firing squad
  Mobile Riot Squad
  drug squad

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