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 xiǎo fàn wéi small-scale / local / to a limited extent
 xiǎo dǎ xiǎo nào small-scale
 chá xù to take tea and chat / a small-scale informal gathering with tea and snacks
 xiǎo shuǐ diàn small-scale hydropower
 xiǎo xíng xiàng mù small-scale project
 xiǎo guī mú yú yè small-scale commercial fisheries / small-scale fisheries
 xiǎo xíng gōng zuò zǔ Small-Scale Working Group
  handicrafts and small-scale industries
  Small-scale Industrial Development Programme
  Communities, Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining initiative
  International Round-table on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining
  Interregional Seminar on Small-scale Mining in Developing Countries
  Financing Energy Services for Small-scale Energy-users

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