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PHONETIC : Pinyin Bopomofo EFEO Wade-Giles Yale

 ān dìng stable / quiet / settled / stabilize / maintain / stabilized / calm and orderly
 tíng dàng settled / accomplished / ready
 wěn settled / steady / stable
 tuǒ suitable / adequate / ready / settled
 dìng dàng settled / ready / finished
 liǎo dàng frank / outspoken / ready / settled / in order / (old) to deal with / to handle
 shì r one's employment / business / matter that needs to be settled / (northern dialect) (of a person) demanding / trying / troublesome / erhua variant of 事 / [shi4] / CL:件 / [jian4],樁 / |桩 / [zhuang1]
 dìng jú foregone conclusion / to be settled conclusively
 lì luo agile / nimble / all settled / in order
 yī yán wéi dìng one word and it's settled (idiom) / It's a deal! / That's settled then.
 zhāo sān mù sì lit. say three in the morning but four in the evening (idiom) / to change sth that is already settled upon / indecisive / to blow hot and cold
 ān jiā lì yè stable household, established profession (idiom) / settled and comfortably off
 chén āi luò dìng lit. the dust has settled (idiom) / fig. to get sorted out / to be finalized
 liǎng qì received and paid for (business term) / the goods delivered and the bill settled
 liǎng qīng loan settled (business term) / business complete to the satisfaction of both parties
 yǐ jiàn fēn xiǎo the result becomes apparent / (after) the dust has settled

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