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 zhèng dàng honest / reasonable / fair / sensible
 míng zhì sensible / wise / judicious / sagacious
 dǒng shì sensible / thoughtful / intelligent
 míng lǐ sensible / reasonable / an obvious reason, truth or fact / to understand the reason or reasoning
 tōng qíng dá lǐ fair and reasonable (idiom) / sensible / standing to reason
 zài lǐ reasonable / sensible
 tóu nǎo qīng chu lucid / clear-headed / sensible
 míng dá shì lǐ reasonable / sensible
 tōng dá to understand clearly / to be sensible or reasonable / understanding
 míng zhì zhī jǔ sensible act
 rù qíng rù lǐ sensible and reasonable (idiom)
 xiǎn hán sensible enthalpy (thermodynamics) / energy required to go from one state to another
 wú hài huán jìng xíng nóng yè sensible farming

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