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 chǐ zi rule / ruler (measuring instrument) / CL:把[ba3]
 tǒng zhì zhě ruler
 dāng quán zhě ruler / those in power / the authorities
 zhí zhèng zhě ruler
 zhǔ zǎi zhě ruler
 jūn monarch / lord / gentleman / ruler
 chǐ a Chinese foot / one-third of a meter / a ruler / a tape-measure / one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine / CL:支[zhi1],把[ba3]
线 huà xiàn bǎn ruler (used for drawing lines)
 yù yòng for use by the emperor / imperial / (derog.) in the pay of the ruler
 jūn chén a ruler and his ministers (old)
 shèng xián a sage / wise and holy man / virtuous ruler / Buddhist lama / wine
 guì jiàn noble and lowly / high versus low social hierarchy of ruler to people, father to son, husband to wife in Confucianism
 chén mín subject (of a kingdom, ruler etc)
 ēn chǒng special favor from a ruler / Emperor's generosity towards a favorite
 Zī zhì Tōng jiàn A Mirror for the Wise Ruler (or Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government), a vast chronological general history, written by 司馬光|司马光[Si1 ma3 Guang1] Sima Guang (1019-1089) and collaborators during the Northern Song in 1084, covering the period 403 BC-959 AD, 294 scrolls
 hūn jūn incapable ruler
 guī fù to realign one's allegiance (to another religion, ruler etc) / to submit
 zhí chǐ straight ruler
 Lǐ Hòu zhǔ Li Houzhu (c. 937-978), the final Southern Tang ruler (ruled 961-975) and a renowned poet / given name Li Yu 李煜
 dú fū sole ruler / dictator
 bǎi niǎo cháo fèng lit. all birds paying looking up to the phoenix / fig. peace under a wise ruler
 A1 chū fó erroneous variant of 阿閦佛, Aksobhya, the imperturbable ruler of Eastern Paradise, Abhirati
 Lǐ Yù Li Yu (c. 937-978), given name of the final ruler of Tang of the Five Southern dynasties Li Houzhu 李後主|李后主, a renowned poet
 mò wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty
 wǔ cháng five constant virtues of Confucianism, namely: benevolence 仁, righteousness 義|义, propriety 禮|礼, wisdom 智 / and fidelity 信 / five cardinal relationships of Confucianism (between ruler and subject, father and son, husband and wife, brothers, friends) / five phases of Chinese philosophy: water 水, fire 火, wood 木, metal 金, earth 土
 Fù Shuō Fu Shuo (c. 14th century BC), legendary sage and principal minister of Shang ruler Wu Ding
 kuāng fú shè jì (of states within the nation) to support the ruler in governing the country
 fēng jiàn zhǔ feudal ruler
 chǐ guī ruler and compass (in geometric constructions)
 chǐ guī zuò tú ruler and compass construction (geometry)
 Bā bù ěr Zaheeruddin Babur (1483-1530), first ruler of Mughal dynasty of India
 Dì Xīn Emperor Xin, last ruler of Shang (11th Century BC), famous as a tyrant
 zhé chǐ folding ruler
 mù nè lǎo rén ungraduated ruler / straight edge
 Dōng fāng A1 chù fó Aksobhya, the imperturbable ruler of Eastern Paradise, Abhirati
 Jié Wáng King Jie, the final ruler of the Xia dynasty (until c. 1600 BC), a notoriously cruel and immoral tyrant
 Wǔ Dīng Wu Ding (c. 14th century BC), legendary founder and wise ruler of Shang dynasty
 Yáo zhī pǔ jade garden of celestial ruler / paradise
 jiè chǐ ungraduated ruler / straightedge
 dāng zhèng zhě power holder / current political ruler
 cuàn lì to become an unlawful ruler
 shèng wáng sage ruler
 Shèng shén feudal term of praise for ruler, king or emperor / general term for saint in former times / term for God during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom 太平天國|太平天国 / Holy Spirit (in Christian Trinity)
 chén yī zhǔ èr One has the right to choose the ruler one serves. (ancient proverb)
·  TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (1536-1598), Japanese warlord, undisputed ruler of Japan 1590-1598
 ruǎn chǐ soft ruler / tape measure
 fǔ bì to assist a ruler in governing a country / prime minister
 A1 chù fó Aksobhya, the imperturbable ruler of Eastern Paradise, Abhirati
 Fēng chén Xiù jí TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (1536-1598), Japanese warlord, undisputed ruler of Japan 1590-1598
 ān quán chǐ safety ruler (prop.)
 jiè huà accurate depiction of architectural forms with the aid of a ruler (technique of Chinese art) / picture created using this technique
 zàn pǔ (hist.) title of the Tibetan Tufan ruler

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