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 què shí indeed / really / reliable / real / true
 kě kào reliable
 zhā zha shí shí firm / solid / reliable / real / practical
 xìn de guò trustworthy / reliable
 zhēng xìn to examine the reliability / reliable / credit reporting
 láo kào firm and solid / robust / reliable
 wěn dang reliable / secure / stable / firm
 kào de zhù reliable / trustworthy
 yī bù yī gè jiǎo yìn one step, one footprint (idiom) / steady progress / reliable
 xìn shí trustworthy / reliable / to believe something to be true
 láo kào tuǒ dàng reliable / solid and dependable
便 wěn biàn reliable / at one's convenience / as you wish
 kào pǔ reliable / reasonable / probable
 kě shì reliable
 yǒu jiān bǎng responsible / reliable
 xīn fù trusted aide / confidant / reliable agent / to confide
 zhuó luò whereabouts / place to settle / reliable source (of funds etc) / (of responsibility for a matter) to rest with sb / settlement / solution
 xiáng shí detailed and reliable / full and accurate
 shàn běn old book / good book / reliable book / rare book
 zhēn píng shí jù reliable evidence (idiom) / conclusive proof / definitive evidence
 bǎng bì upper arm / arm / reliable helper / right-hand man
 wěn liàn steady and proficient / skilled and reliable
 dí kuǎn reliable funds
 wū zhuó (of income etc) to be unassured / to lack a reliable source

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