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 bǐ jiào to compare / to contrast / comparatively / relatively / quite / comparison
 xiāng duì relatively / opposite / to resist / to oppose / relative / vis-a-vis / counterpart
 jiào wéi comparatively / relatively / fairly
 jiào to compare / to dispute / compared to / (before adj.) relatively / comparatively / rather / also pr. [jiao3]
 jiào bǐ comparatively (colloquial) / fairly / quite / rather / relatively
 jiào hǎo preferably / rather or relatively good
 dà lóu building (a relatively large, multi-storey one) / CL:幢 / [zhuang4],座 / [zuo4]
 bān to move (i.e. relocate oneself) / to move (sth relatively heavy or bulky) / to shift / to copy indiscriminately
 bǐ jiào xīn comparatively new / relatively new
 hù sù (math.) coprime / relatively prime (having no common factor)
  relatively less developed countries

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