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 hé lǐ rational / reasonable / fair
 zhèng dàng honest / reasonable / fair / sensible
 yǒu dào li to make sense / reasonable
 yǒu lǐ reasonable / justified / right / (math.) rational
 shì zhōng moderate / reasonable / conveniently situated
 míng lǐ sensible / reasonable / an obvious reason, truth or fact / to understand the reason or reasoning
 míng dá reasonable / of good judgment
 zài lǐ reasonable / sensible
 dā diào to match / in tune / reasonable
 kào pǔ reliable / reasonable / probable
 míng dá shì lǐ reasonable / sensible
 tōng dá to understand clearly / to be sensible or reasonable / understanding
 lí pǔ excessive / beyond reasonable limits / irregular
 àn lǐ shuō it is reasonable to say that...
 hé lǐ lì yòng reasonable utilization / optimum use
 hé qíng hé lǐ reasonable and fair (idiom)
 jiǎng lǐ to argue / to reason with sb / to talk sense / to be reasonable
 tōng qíng dá lǐ fair and reasonable (idiom) / sensible / standing to reason
 zhèng dàng fáng wèi reasonable self-defense / legitimate defense
 zhí straight / to straighten / fair and reasonable / frank / straightforward / (indicates continuing motion or action) / vertical / vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters
 shùn to obey / to follow / to arrange / to make reasonable / along / favorable
 tiān gōng dì dào absolutely fair and reasonable (idiom) / equitable
 rù qíng rù lǐ sensible and reasonable (idiom)
 tiān gōng dì dào dì dào absolutely fair and reasonable (idiom) / equitable
 zhèng dàng lǐ yóu proper reason / reasonable grounds
便  reasonable accommodation
使 zuì jiā shǐ yòng reasonable utilization / optimum use
  reasonable assurance
怀  reasonable doubt

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