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 zhèng què correct / proper
 zūn zhòng to esteem / to respect / to honor / to value / eminent / serious / proper
 tuǒ shàn appropriate / proper
 zhèng jīng decent / honorable / proper / serious / according to standards
 duān zhèng upright / regular / proper / correct
 tuǒ dang appropriate / proper / ready
 hǎo good / well / proper / good to / easy to / very / so / (suffix indicating completion or readiness) / (of two people) close / on intimate terms
 zhèng straight / upright / proper / main / principal / to correct / to rectify / exactly / just (at that time) / right (in that place) / (math.) positive
 yīng yǒu proper
 dé to obtain / to get / to gain / to catch (a disease) / proper / suitable / proud / contented / to allow / to permit / ready / finished
 dàng at or in the very same... / suitable / adequate / fitting / proper / to replace / to regard as / to think / to pawn / (coll.) to fail (a student)
 dé yí proper / appropriate / suitable
 tuǒ tiē properly / satisfactorily / firmly / very fitting / appropriate / proper / to be in good order / also written 妥 / / |妥 / / [tuo3 tie1]
 tuǒ tiē properly / satisfactorily / firmly / very fitting / appropriate / proper / to be in good order / also written 妥 /
 xiàng huà proper / also written 像 / / |像 /
 duān fāng upright / honest / proper / correct
 shì to fit / suitable / proper / just (now) / comfortable / well / to go / to follow or pursue
 yí proper / should / suitable / appropriate
 míng zhèng yán shùn in a way that justifies the use of the term / genuine / proper / in a way that conforms to logic / justifiable / appropriate / perfectly legitimate
 xiàng huà proper
 yǔn dàng proper / suitable
 duì gōng proper
 duì gōng r proper
 dé zhòng to succeed in an imperial examination / successful / to hit the target / to win (the lottery) / suitable / proper / just right
 tuǒ shí proper / appropriate
 lǐ suǒ dāng rán as it should be by rights (idiom) / proper and to be expected as a matter of course / inevitable and right
 bù tuǒ not proper / inappropriate
 shī tiáo imbalance / to become dysfunctional / to lack proper care (after an illness etc)
 hǎo yì si to have the nerve / what a cheek! / to feel no shame / to overcome the shame / (is it) proper? (rhetorical question)
 fēn cun propriety / appropriate behavior / proper speech or action / within the norms
 zhèng shì one's proper business
 xiā shuō to talk drivel / to assert sth without a proper understanding or basis in fact / not to know what one is talking about
 tiān jīng dì yì lit. heaven's law and earth's principle (idiom) / fig. right and proper / right and unalterable / a matter of course
 rú yú dé shuǐ like a fish back in water (idiom) / glad to be back in one's proper surroundings
 chū gé to overstep the bounds of what is proper / to take sth too far / (of a measuring device) to go off the scale
 bù wù zhèng yè not to engage in honest work / to ignore one's proper occupation / not to attend to one's proper duties
 shí dào esophagus / the proper way to eat / food transportation route
 bù èr fǎ mén the one and only way / the only proper course to take
 lǐ shàng wǎng lái lit. proper behavior is based on reciprocity (idiom) / fig. to return politeness for politeness
 dì bǔ to substitute / to complement in the proper order / to fill vacancies progressively
 lún cháng proper human relationships
 shèn dú to preserve a proper behavior in private life
 shùn cì in order / in proper sequence
 bù dào Cháng chéng fēi hǎo hàn lit. until you reach the Great Wall, you're not a proper person / fig. to get over difficulties before reaching the goal
 zhuān míng proper noun
 āi cì in sequence / in the proper order / one by one / in turn
 yǎng shēng sòng sǐ to be looked after in life and given a proper burial thereafter (idiom)
 míng zhū àn tóu to cast pearls before swine (idiom) / not to get proper recognition for one's talents
 yǎng lǎo sòng zhōng to look after one's aged parents and arrange proper burial after they die
 bù zì liàng not take a proper measure of oneself / to overrate one's own abilities
 bù duì chá r not proper / not fit for the occasion
 zhèng cháng gōng zuò normal operation / proper functioning
 zhuān yǒu míng cí proper noun
 rén wǔ rén liù to make a show of being decent and proper / to display phony or hypocritical behavior
 jiǎ fēn shù improper fraction (with numerator &ge / denominator, e.g. seven fifths) / see also: proper fraction 真 / / / |真 / / / [zhen1 fen1 shu4] and mixed number 帶 / / / |带 / / / [dai4 fen1 shu4]
 gù yǒu míng cí proper noun
 zhuān míng cí proper noun
 dài fēn shù mixed fraction / mixed number (i.e. with an integer part and a fraction part, e.g. four and three quarters) / see also: improper fraction 假 / / / |假 / / / [jia3 fen1 shu4] and proper fraction 真 / / / |真 / / / [zhen1 fen1 shu4]
 cháng dào normal and proper practice / conventional practice / common occurrence
 zhèng dàng lǐ yóu proper reason / reasonable grounds
 zhēn fēn shù proper fraction (with numerator < denominator, e.g. five sevenths) / see also: improper fraction 假 / / / |假 / / / [jia3 fen1 shu4] and mixed number 帶 / / / |带 / / / [dai4 fen1 shu4]
 zhēn zǐ jí proper subset
 shùn dǎo to guide sth on its proper course / to guide towards profitable outcome
  proper shipping name
 bù dé qí mén ér rù to be unable to get in / to fail to find a proper approach to handling sth
 yǐ cì in the proper order / the following

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