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 zhí yè occupation / profession / vocation / professional
 háng dang profession / role (acting)
 zì yóu zhí yè self-employed / profession
 háng a row / series / age order (of brothers) / profession / professional / relating to company
 gōng work / worker / skill / profession / trade / craft / labor
 tóng háng person of the same profession / of the same trade, occupation or industry
 zhí yè to work in a profession (e.g. doctor, lawyer) / practitioner / professional
 cóng yè rén yuán employee / person employed in a trade or profession
 tóng rén people from the same workplace or profession / co-worker / colleague / pop culture enthusiasts who create fan fiction etc
 zhuǎn yè to change one's profession / to transfer to civilian work
 běn háng one's line / one's own profession
 gǎi háng to change profession
 zhuǎn háng to change profession
 jiù yè one's old profession / trade of one's forebears
 jì jiǔ to offer a libation / person who performs the libation before a banquet / senior member of a profession / important government post in imperial China
 ān jiā lì yè stable household, established profession (idiom) / settled and comfortably off
 gé háng rú gé shān different trades, worlds apart (idiom) / to sb outside the profession, it is a closed book
 zài háng to be adept at sth / to be an expert in a trade or profession
 mō pá gǔn dǎ to go through challenging experiences / to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)
 gǎi yè to change profession or business
 niè zú to walk on tiptoe / to step on sb's foot / to join (a trade, profession etc) / to associate with (a certain group of people)
 chuò yè to give up work / to give up one's profession
  Arab Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession
  Arab Centre for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession
  Standards for the Independence of the Legal Profession
  World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession
 jué mén r extinct profession / lost trade / unique skill / astonishing / fantastic

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