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 tóu shàng overhead / above
 shàng kōng overhead / in the sky
 guò tóu to overdo it / to overstep the limit / excessively / above one's head / overhead
 shàng bian the top / above / overhead / upwards / the top margin / above-mentioned / those higher up
 gāo jià overhead / elevated (walkway, highway etc) / elevated road
 dāng kōng overhead / up in the sky
 tiān qiáo overhead walkway / pedestrian bridge
 xíng li xiāng suitcase / baggage compartment / overhead bin / (car) trunk / boot
 huàn dēng jī slide projector / overhead projector
 dào gōu barb / bicycle kick, or overhead kick (football)
 jiàn jiē fèi yòng overhead costs
  incremental overhead costs
  overhead reimbursement
  overhead ratios
  overhead fire
  overhead projector
  overhead protection

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