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 gāo high / tall / above average / loud / your (honorific)
 xiǎng echo / sound / noise / to make a sound / to sound / to ring / loud / classifier for noises
 gāo shēng aloud / loud / loudly
 cū dà thick / bulky / loud
 xiǎng dāng dāng resounding / loud / well known / famous
 jī yuè intense / loud
 hā hā (onom.) laughing out loud
 dà shēng loud voice / in a loud voice / loudly
 hā hā dà xiào to laugh heartily / to burst into loud laughter
 jù xiǎng loud sound
 xiǎng liàng loud and clear / resounding
 hōng rán loudly / with a loud bang / a loud rumble
 xuān dú to read out loud to an audience / a prepared speech (e.g. to a party conference)
 liáo liàng loud and clear / resonant
 hóng liàng loud and clear / resonant
 gāo tán kuò lùn to harangue / loud arrogant talk / to spout
 zòng shēng loudly / in a loud voice
 qiǎng cí duó lǐ to twist words and force logic (idiom) / sophistry / loud rhetoric making up for fallacious argument / shoving false arguments down people's throats
 zhèn lóng fā kuì lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom) / rousing even the apathetic
 jiá rán (literary) to stop abruptly (of a sound) / to be loud and clear
 chàng piào to read ballot slips out loud
 cuì brittle / fragile / crisp / crunchy / clear and loud voice / neat
 zhà loud noise / shout / suddenly
 áo loud clamor / the sound of wailing
 jué loud laughter
 gāo chàng rù yún loud songs reaches the clouds (idiom) / fig. to praise to the skies
 xì loud laugh
 jiè sigh / groan / loud laughter
 gān háo to cry out loud without tears
 gān háo to cry out loud without tears
 dà sǎng loud voice
 qiáng yīn tà bǎn loud pedal (on piano) / sustaining pedal
 lǎng yín to recite in a loud, clear voice
 fā lóng zhèn kuì lit. so loud that even the deaf can hear (idiom) / rousing even the apathetic
 léi shēng dà , yǔ diǎn xiǎo loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain (idiom) / a lot of talk, but no action / action speaks louder than words / his bite is worse than his bark
 gāo lǎng loud and clear / bright and clear
  loud emergencies
  loud and clear
 hā hā xiào to laugh out loud

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