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CHARACTERS : Simplified Traditional
PHONETIC : Pinyin Bopomofo EFEO Wade-Giles Yale

 jiān jìn to imprison / to jail / to take into custody
 jiān láo prison / jail
 bān fáng jail
 jiān to supervise / to inspect / jail / prison
 àn jail
 àn jail
 dà yù jail / prison
 jiān yā a jail / to imprison
 rù yù to go to jail / to be sent to prison
 jìn gōng to enter the emperor's palace / (slang) to go to jail
 láo fáng jail cell / prison cell
 jié yù to break into jail / to forcibly release prisoners
 láng dāng rù yù lit. to get shackled and thrown in jail (idiom) / fig. to be put behind bars / to get jailed
 èr jìn gōng name of a famous opera / (slang) to go to jail for a second offense
 Zōu Róng Zou Rong (1885-1905), a martyr of the anti-Qing revolution, died in jail in 1905
 jié qiú to break a prisoner out of jail
 shì fàng chū yù to release from jail

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