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 bù yí not suitable / inadvisable / inappropriate
 bù dàng unsuitable / improper / inappropriate
便 bù biàn inconvenient / inappropriate / unsuitable / short of cash
 bù tuǒ not proper / inappropriate
 bù hé shì improper / unsuitable / inappropriate
 bù lún bù lèi out of place / inappropriate / incongruous
 shī dàng inappropriate / improper
 qiàn tuǒ improper / inappropriate / unsatisfactory / inadequate
 shī yí inappropriate / improper
 méi fēn cùn inappropriate / bad-mannered
 zǒu wān lù to take an indirect route / to waste one's time by using an inappropriate method
 wàng qiú inappropriate or presumptuous demands
 bào xīn jiù huǒ lit. to carry firewood to put out a fire (idiom) / fig. to make a problem worse by inappropriate action

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