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 dí shì hostile / malevolence / antagonism / to view as enemy / to stand against
 dí duì hostile / enemy (factions) / combative
怀 huái dí yì hostile
 dí duì xìng hostile / hostility
 dí jūn enemy troops / hostile forces / CL:股[gu3]
 biàn liǎn to turn hostile suddenly / face changing, a device of Sichuan Opera, a dramatic change of attitude expressing fright, anger etc
 fān liǎn to fall out with sb / to become hostile
 láng yān smoke signal indicating the presence of hostile forces
 jiāo è to become enemies / to become hostile towards
 fān liǎn bù rèn rén to fall out with sb and become hostile
 huà zhōng yǒu cì hidden barbs in one's words / hostile subtext
  hostile action
  Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques / Environmental Modification Convention
  single hostile action
 yǎn dú venomous glance / hostile gaze / sharp-eyed

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