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 hǎo yòng useful / serviceable / effective / handy / easy to use
便 jiǎn biàn simple and convenient / handy
 shùn shǒu easily / without trouble / while one is at it / in passing / handy
便 biàn dāng convenient / handy / easy / bento (a meal in a partitioned box) / lunchbox
便 líng biàn quick / agile / nimble / easy to handle / handy
 còu shǒu at hand / within easy reach / convenient / handy
 shùn shǒu r handy / convenient and easy to use / smoothly
 pài shàng yòng chǎng to put to good use / to come in handy
 shǒu tí shì bù tán jī handy talky

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